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Ricardo Signes (rjbs), the Perl 5 project lead, will tell you about all the changes in Perl 5.10 through 5.16 that will affect your daily life, with a focus on things you should and shouldn’t use.

There are almost twenty thousand lines of documentation describing what has changed since perl 5.8. Those docs are where you can find out that the // operator is awesome, or that the “r” flag on substitution is going to save you typing and bugs, or that you can stop worrying so much about your exception handling. Unfortunately, they also contain a lot of talk about things like GSVS_mg_SLOPPY or engine derecursivisation or what happens now if you try to reset a glob reference during global destruction. With most common Unix distributions now shipping Perl 5.12, and more and more workplaces moving off 5.8, many programmers are faced with reading these documents. Instead, you can come listen to the forty minute summary.

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Ricardo Signes


Ricardo Signes was thrust into the job market with only a rudimentary humanities education, and was forced to learn to fend for himself. He is now a full-time Perl programmer, project lead for the Perl 5 programming language, and frequent contributor to the CPAN.

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Picture of Kirsten Petersen
Kirsten Petersen
07/19/2012 5:36pm PDT

I took a lot of notes; thanks for the great information.

Jeffrey Davison
07/19/2012 6:35am PDT

Interesting content, good presentation.


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