What Makes a Great Open API?

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If open APIs and open data are the new open source, then what makes a good API into a great API? This deep-dive technical session will show you how. At ProgrammableWeb where we’ve cataloged over 5,000 open APIs, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of open APIs, and this talk shows you what we’ve learned.

Designing and implementing a web-scale open API is harder than it looks and in this talk we’ll cover the core issues including:

  • Protocols (hint: saying REST is not enough)
  • Data formats
  • Standards
  • Optimizations (speed matters)
  • Security
  • Design abstractions

For each of these it’s more than just what, it’s also why. Plus, it means how do you deploy, support, and manage the API.

After attending you’ll have the real-world insights you need to design and build a great open API.

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John Musser


John Musser is the founder of ProgrammableWeb.com, the leading online resource for open APIs. During his 20-year career in software development he has shipped six award-winning software products in three industries working with companies including Electronic Arts, Credit Suisse, MTV and Bell Labs. He has taught at Columbia University, the University of Washington, and has written for a variety of technology publications on software development, most recently as author of “Web 2.0: Principles and Best Practices” published by O’Reilly Media.

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Picture of John Musser
John Musser
07/19/2012 6:48am PDT

The slides from this talk are now online here


Barbara Shirtcliff
07/19/2012 6:22am PDT



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