Bringing the Open Source to the Enterprise! An incomplete story

Location: E145 Level: Novice

This session will go over few stories of Open Source adoptions in different organizations and different verticals. Some were successful, some were not, and one is still inflight. We will analyze the case studies rationally, with no bias to or against Open Source.

Let it be support, learning curve, security, scalability, reliability, we have heard it all, some are valid concerns in certain scenarios and some are stereotypes. This session will suggest techniques to help you sail smoothly in your Open Source implementation, not only for one project sake, but for a long term sustainable success.

The target is not just to save money, but also to achieve better results, satisfy end-users, work on open platform, encourage creativity and have fun doing it all.

Photo of Mohamed Elmallah

Mohamed Elmallah

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

• Mohamed Elmallah is the Manager of Enterprise Applications and Architecture at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. He has BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Software Engineering. Mohamed is PMP and has 20 years of Software Development experience. He is passionate about Agile methodologies and Open Source. He is the author of Web Development with Oracle Portal book (Prentice Hall). Twitter @melmallah


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