Desktop Applications in the 21st Century

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Within ten years 90% of people will use a smart phone, tablet, or other non-traditional computer as primary computing interface. Their software will be highly task specific, easy to use, and appliance like. But what will happen to the software for the other 10%? Where does traditional desktop software fit in a world of app stores, smart phones, and web based applications? This session argues that desktop applications will have a bright future serving the advanced user. Computers will again return to the name “workstation” and advanced users will leverage them to the hilt. It won’t be easy, though. Desktop applications will have to steal the best ideas and features from the world of the web and appstores, while also become more powerful and more usable. (often contradictory demands). Finally this session will dive into an example application which combines the best of the desktop and the web, and explore the UI toolkit used to build it.

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Joshua Marinacci


Ask me about HTML Canvas, GUI toolkits, and visual design. Or ask me to rant about Java stuff.

Josh Marinacci is a blogger and co-author of Swing Hacks for O’Reilly. He is currently a Developer Advocate for the webOS at HP.
He previously worked on JavaFX, Swing, NetBeans, and client lead for the Java Store at Sun Microsystems.

Josh lives in Eugene, Oregon and is passionate about open source technology & great user interfaces. He uses a Palm Pre 2, HP TouchPad, and Nikon D50 SLR to spread understanding of great design in software.


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