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Most developers know the benefits of testing code, and maybe they even do test-driven development (or even behavior-driven development). However, tests are mostly done on business-level code. More often than not, HTML UIs are left untested, and are often subjected to regressions.

It turns out that it can be done, and it doesn’t have to hurt. We’ll take a look at the Groovy-based framework Geb, which uses Selenium/Webdriver, and see how it can assist in creating tests which can run automatically to verify the UI behavior of a web application, and we’ll also see some real-life examples on how to do more advanced integration tests using Geb – for example, how do you test a flow where a user signs up for a new account, receives an email, clicks an activation link, and activates the account?

Everything will be based on the experiences from building the Tradeshift platform, which has an extensive Geb testsuite – however, the talk will of course be quite neutral and just relay our experiences. Many code examples will be shown, however.

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Joakim Recht


Joakim currently works as a senior code monkey at Tradeshift in Copenhagen churning out code and is a firm believer in agile and test-driven development. He has been a big part of building the Tradeshift platform, and has contributed to a number of open source projects and is a Certified SpringSource Trainer.

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Joakim Recht
07/18/2012 11:56am PDT

To all how attended the session (and whoever else might be interested), here are a couple of posts on UI testing: tradeshift.com/blog/ui-test... tradeshift.com/blog/email-i...


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