Open Source 2.0: The Science of Community Management

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At OSCON last year Jono Bacon posited that we are entering the renaissance era of open source community management – that increasingly we don’t just have to share stories but that repeatable, scientific approaches are increasingly available to us. In short, the art of community management is shifting to a science.

The fact is… we are already there. The tools for enable a science of community management have existed for at least 5 years. All that is needed is an effort to implement them.

Combining his experience with the theories collaboration and negotiation developed at Harvard and his work in data analytics in the open government space David will share what is possible in open source community management, along with the skills, tools and processes that will drive faster and better software development while hopefully reducing the number of headaches and fights.

To get a sense of some of the ideas he’ll draw from you can consult these blog posts:

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David Eaves

Eaves Consulting

An expert in negotiation, open source and public policy, David advises the mayor of Vancouver on open government and open data. He wrote a chapter in the O’Reilly book Open Government entitled After the Collapse: The Future of Open Government and the Civil Service.

He publishes and is asked to speak on open government, policy development, technology and open source frequently. In addition to this work David advises several open source communities including Mozilla and serves as a negotiation adviser to several executives.

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Picture of Jeffrey Osier-Mixon
Jeffrey Osier-Mixon
07/23/2012 9:02am PDT

Very vibrant talk, although I thought it was actually less about science than about communication strategies.


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