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OpenStack Day
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For our OpenStack work, we started with the assumption that “the cloud must always be ready, but will never be finished.” That means that we need a way to get the current code into production even though we know there are update and fixes that will soon be needed. This core assumption drives a DevOps approach to highly automated and configuration based cloud deployments.

We’ll discuss what it takes to create a collaborative open source best practice operations framework. This is especially tricky because there are so many moving parts; however, there are commonalities that the community can coordinate on and improve. Improvements to open source deployments result in emergent best practices. Ultimately, we hope that Crowbar becomes the definitive reference deployment for OpenStack and other applications.

Next we’ll discuss patterns for doing migrations on a live cloud infrastructure. This is especially tricky because you must be aware of both your own operations and the operations of the VMs on that infrastructure.

Photo of Rob Hirschfeld

Rob Hirschfeld


With a background in Mechanical and Systems Engineering, Rob Hirschfeld, principal cloud solution architect at Dell, specializes in large scale, integrated, and innovative cloud systems. Lately, he’s been leading Dell’s OpenStack and Crowbar projects.

As a senior architect, Rob helps Dell to set strategy for cloud computing, drives innovative cloud solutions to market, and works with customers on their cloud implementations.

Rob is a graduate of Louisiana State University and Duke University, and, in addition to cloud technologies, Rob is also widely regarded for his passion and expertise on the Agile process.

You can find Rob’s thoughts on cloud innovation at his blog or on "Twitter ":

Photo of Matt Ray

Matt Ray


Matt Ray is a Senior Technical Evangelist for Opscode and the open source systems integration platform Chef. He is active in the OpenStack community and was previously the Community Manager for Zenoss Core. He has been active in the open source community for well over a decade and was one of the founders of the Texas LinuxFest and ChefConf. He blogs at and is @mattray on Twitter, IRC and GitHub.


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