One-man ops; deploying at scale in EC2 while letting you sleep through the night

Location: D139-140 Level: Intermediate
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More and more startups/companies are deploying their infrastructure directly and exclusively in EC2 or similar cloud provider. With that comes a whole new set of challenges and paradigms around scalability, reliability and availability.

This talk will focus on how to leverage all the infrastructure parts of AWS, augment them with great (affordable) third party services and solid Open Source Software to create an operations environment that will scale with you, be as reliable as it can be, providing you and your peers with all the data you need to make good decisions to support (rapid) changes while letting you sleep through the night. And all that using a tiny operations team.

It may make you coffee in the morning too.

Photo of Jos Boumans

Jos Boumans

Krux Digital

Jos is a long time Linux & Perl developer, with a keen interest in resilient and scalable services. He currently works for Krux Digital and has worked for Canonical, XS4ALL, and RIPE NCC designing and deploying large scale internet infrastructure. He’s also contributed roughly 2% of the code in the current Perl core


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