Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins

Location: D139-140 Level: Intermediate
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Today’s web applications require frequent updates, not just by adding or upgrading features, but by maintaining and improving the software’s existing code base as well. This tutorial teaches PHP developers how to use Jenkins, the popular continuous integration server, to monitor various aspects of software quality throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Attendees of this tutorial will learn how to implement continuous integration to automate processes for building and deploying regular software releases. They will also learn how to use Jenkins to monitor and improve their applications through continuous inspection and static code analysis.

Photo of Sebastian Bergmann

Sebastian Bergmann

Sebastian Bergmann has instrumentally contributed to tranforming PHP into a reliable platform for large-scale, critical projects. Enterprises and PHP developers around the world benefit from the tools that he has developed and the experience he shares.

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Mahmood Khan
07/20/2012 1:01am PDT

Not what I expected; kinda boring.


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