Declarative web data visualization using ClojureScript

Javascript & HTML5
Location: Portland 251 Level: Intermediate
Average rating: ****.
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Statistical graphics illuminate by mapping abstract data to visual primitives like dots, lines, and color.
Excellent statistical graphics first and foremost show the data.
Likewise, the tools for making such graphics should emphasize essential data-visual mappings and hide the implementation details of looping, painting, and layout.

Clojure’s emphasis on immutability allows one to compose functions while retaining the ability to reason about their behavior.
These same strengths can be leveraged to build rich, data-driven graphics composed of smaller visual pieces.
Kevin will discuss using ClojureScript with the Cassowary constraint solver and a D3-like library to construct and layout statistical graphics on the web.

Photo of Kevin Lynagh

Kevin Lynagh

Keming Labs

Kevin visualizes data and makes statistical interfaces on the web.
Before Clojure, he wrote machine learning and analytics tools in R and Scala.
In 2010 he wrote a thesis on protein structure, for which Reed College inexplicably awarded him a physics degree.
Kevin lives in Portland, Oregon, and spends as much time rock climbing as he does in the REPL.

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Mary Henze
07/20/2012 10:21am PDT

Great talk. One of the best of the week. Well organized, very well presented. Loved the non-traditional themes for the slides.


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