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The JDK is no stranger to web frameworks. Even as the framework chaos of the mid-2000s settles out into a few productive options, we still find ourselves with heavyweight tools geared toward complex and expensive projects. These frameworks are indispensable for the work to which they are suited, but we are left with few good choices for the vast problem space of tiny, low-ceremony micro-apps.

Ratpack is a Groovy-based web framework based on the ideas of Ruby’s Sinatra. It uses a very simple DSL to map web requests to the logic that processes them, drawing on the power of the Groovy API and the entire Java ecosystem in the process. It uses Groovy’s SimpleTemplateEngine for an ultra-easy view layer.

Of course a lightweight web app is no good if it’s not deployed! Ratpack is ideally suited to cloud deployments in emerging Java cloud platforms like Heroku, Cloud Foundry, and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. The dream of simple, portable, automated web apps in a high-productivity JVM language is a promising one. Come see how Ratpack is making it a reality.

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Tim Berglund


Tim is a full-stack generalist and passionate teacher who loves coding, presenting, and working with people. His firm, the August Technology Group, helps clients with product development, technology consulting, and technology transition projects on the JVM. He is a speaker internationally and on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour in the United States, and is co-president of the Denver Open Source User Group, co-presenter of the best-selling O’Reilly Git Master Class, co-author of Building and Testing with Gradle and a member of the O’Reilly Expert Network. He lives in Littleton with the wife of his youth and their three children.


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