Blender: a 3D introduction

Tools and Techniques
Location: D135 Level: Novice
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Blender’s skyrocketing development is a poster child for FOSS programs done right. In this introductory tutorial, you’l first learn about the different stages involved in a 3D pipeline for film or games, and also how to model and sculpt in Blender.

We’ll discuss the history and development structure of Blender, which fundraises effectively and gives Blender a rapid turnaround for bleeding-edge features. Learn about Blender’s communities in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the worldwide network of Blender users and resources.

Attendees will take a look at the full Blender workflow, and leave with an understanding of how 3D media projects are created and finished. The following subjects will be demoed, with explanations of how they interact with one another in the 3D pipeline: preproduction, modeling, sculpting, UV unwrapping, texturing, materials, rigging, animation, compositing, rendering, editing, and coding.

Lastly, attendees will use Blender in a live tutorial, where they’ll learn how to model and sculpt their first ever Blender artwork. Creative Commons concept art will be provided. Materials, lighting, and rendering will also be covered if time permits. If you plan on following along in the demo, make sure to bring a 3-button mouse!

Photo of Oscar Baechler

Oscar Baechler

Baechler Creative, LLC

My first job out of college thrust me into the world of Blender, which I used at the center of a mobile games pipeline as art director at Prophetic Sky. I wanted to find other Blender users in the PNW, so I created Seabug: the Seattle Blender User Group. Since then Pacific Northwest Blender scene has grown into one of the world’s best. Today I am a freelance artist working with Pearson publishing on Blender training materials. I draw every day, and I’m always delighted when people take a perusal of my sketchbook.

If you’re in the Seattle area, come say hi at the next Seabug!


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