Demystifying REST

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REST web services are everywhere! It seems like everything you want is available via a web service, but getting started with one of these web services can be overwhelming – and debugging the interactions bewilders some of the smartest developers I know.

In this talk, I will talk about HTTP, how it works, and how to watch and understand the traffic between your system and the server. From there I’ll proceed to REST – how REST web services layer on top of HTTP and how you can expect a REST web service to behave. We’ll go over how to monitor and understand requests and responses for these services. Once we’ve covered that, I’ll talk about how OAuth is used for authentication in the framework of a REST application.

Python code samples will be shown for interacting with an OAuth REST web service, and I will cover http monitoring tools for multiple OS’s. When you’re done with this talk you’ll understand enough about REST web services to be able to get started confidently, and debug many of the common issues you may encounter.

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Bobby Carnahan
07/19/2012 2:06pm PDT

You had very good material. Highly recommend getting rid of the use of vulgarity within your briefings.


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