MongoDB Geospatial and Android

Location: F150 Level: Intermediate
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Geospatial check-ins and related applications are very poopular right now. What most people don’t realisze is that it is very easy to get started with very fast and responsive geospatial apps that can quickly be extended to encompass a lot of functionality for fun and profit.

This talk will walk you through the basics of MongoDB geospatial and a simple REST API to expose you (insert the word you, it’s missing) to an android client, as well as actually writing a very simple Android client to interact with your new service! All the data used is Creative Commons licensed data to get you started in the real world as soon as possible.

We will also explore some ideas around hyper local applications and building a business around this type of technology, which has a surprisingly low barrier to entry and a market primed for rapid prototyping and launch.

Photo of Paul Scott

Paul Scott

DSTV Online

Paul Scott is currently employed by DSTV Online as a senior developer and Free Software evangelist. Paul is also chief software architect for the AVOIR network.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Botany, from the University of Port Elizabeth. He has many interests including Geographical Information Systems, Botany, Computer Science and Free Software.

He has created and contributed to many Free Software projects and at any one time, is working on around 10 different FOSS projects collaboratively with a global community.

He has a strong interest in e-learning and teaching, using Free Software, and has contributed greatly to the AVOIR network and projects. He has a passion for coding and a passion for capacity buiding and skills transfer.

See more about Paul and his projects at here

Photo of Herman Smith

Herman Smith


My primary passion is getting things to work, ranging from alarm clock
radios to convoluted source-code. What I do not grasp from initial uptake
is made my own through persistence that can be likened to a form of OCD.

Currently I am employed by MIH-SWAT where I am a member of the mobile
team. From a young age I have been a self taught software developer and
hold the formal qualification of BTech IT as earned at Wits Technichon
(now University of Johannesburg).

From my optimistic point of view I desire to change the world through the
innovative and appropriate use of technology. My passions also include
outdoor sports and travel which I try to combine as frequently as


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