Enterprise Open Source challenges: the Liferay experience

Business Leadership Day
Location: F 151
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Liferay started as an open source project 10 years ago. Nowadays it has a vibrant community, hundreds of partners and thousands of deployments all around the world.

Since enterprises started adopting our software for their daily operations, and started building their portals, intranets, extranets, B2B and B2C web sites, the demand of enterprise-level features and stability have increased exponentially. That led us to a position where on one side, our community ask for and contribute new and innovative features and integrations, while our enterprise customers demand maturity and stability.

The goal of the presentation is to share with the open source community how we lead our community to continue inspiring innovation and contributing ideas to the project while we at Liferay improve our QA cycles, focus on performance, security and enterprise-specific needs.

Main topics I’ll talk about:

  • Governance model towards community contributions
  • Scalable community projects in a large open source project
  • Community vs Enterprise: searching the balance for both markets
  • Building an ecosystem around an open source project to reach the unreachable
  • Looking for passion in the corporate world
  • How to motivate community members and showcase their achievements

This presentation will interest people willing to learn the experiences learned by a world class open source project, open source community members willing to go one step further and enterprises willing to monetize their investion in open source.

Photo of Juan Fernández

Juan Fernández


Juan Fernández joined Liferay as a Core engineer in its engineering center of Madrid after being a Liferay consultant and an active member of the community.

He has experience in Liferay development, customization and adapting Liferay to the needs of very demanding customers.

His mission in Liferay is to contribute to making it an even better platform that satisfies the requirements of any user, from small to large organizations.

Juan works for customers around the globe helping them succeed in their projects and learn from their experiences to bring the best ideas back to the product.

Juan holds a master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of Seville, Spain


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