Viewports: Handling the many screens on the Mobile Web

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The Mobile Web is the ubiquitous web, which means that your web application could be running on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other devices, which all have different screen sizes and resolutions. Important factors such as pixel density, image scaling and other browser issues are often neglected by both experienced and novice developers alike.

This talk will cover the numerous techniques for dealing with this on Android, iPhone and other mobile platforms. Many of these techniques may be well known, such as the meta viewport tag and custom CSS that takes into account the different screen densities. Other techniques may be unfamiliar or rarely used, such as screen density objects that are present in javascript. We will discuss how PhoneGap, iOS and the Android SDK tackle this issue, but will be concentrating on strategies that take advantage of web technologies and can be used on any device and in any browser.

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Joe Bowser


Joe is the creator of the Android implementation of PhoneGap, which has been used in products featured in Popular Science, and as part of the Sony Web SDK. He also works on various client projects developing mobile applications for many platforms using PhoneGap and other frameworks that leverage web technologies. He spends his spare time going to various security conferences, and helping run the Vancouver Hacker Space, which he co-founded, as well as contributing to other Open Source projects.

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Michael Shadle
07/19/2012 7:13am PDT

If there are slides, could you post them? Thanks :)


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