Dependency Injection with PHP

Location: E144 Level: Intermediate
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Dependency Inversion is an important technique of object oriented software design and one of Uncle Bob’s S.O.L.I.D. principles. In this talk I’ll show you what this means and how PHP dependency injection containers, that are available in modern frameworks like Symfony2 or Zend Framework 2, can help you massively. Additionally to that I will highlight rg\injection, a new, feature-rich container that was inspired by google-guice and makes it very easy to use with minimal configuration overhead while still being very performant. And as another benefit, rg\injection will also allow you to write aspect oriented code in PHP.

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Bastian Hofmann


Bastian is a Software Engineer at ResearchGate, the leading social network for scientists, working there on everything API related. Before that he was responsible for the integration of OpenSocial, OAuth, OpenID and other open standards into the largest german based social networks, studiVZ, sch├╝lerVZ and meinVZ. He is also a frequent speaker on international web technology conferences, always trying to promote open standards and protocols. This, together with his activity in the OpenSocial foundation and as a committer and PMC member for the Apache Shindig project makes him a strong advocate for the vision of an truly open and distributed social web.


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