July 16-20, 2012
Portland, Oregon

OSCON 2012 Is a Wrap

Check out the list of upcoming OSCON events around the world.

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Expand Your Open Source Expertise at OSCON

For 14 years, OSCON has been the gathering place for the entire open source community. It's where all the pieces of the open platform come together. Unlike other conferences that focus entirely on one language or part of the stack, OSCON deals with the open source ecosystem in its entirety, exactly as you approach it in your work.

  • Learn techniques you can use immediately to write great code
  • Hear from the roster of over 300 speakers, who come from a variety of backgrounds, as they share latest developments, best practices, and tips and tricks to overcome some of your biggest challenges
  • Keep your skills up to date with sessions covering the full range of open source languages and platforms
  • Participate in practical tutorials that go deep into technical skills, new features and applications, and best practices
  • Share and collaborate with 3,000+ open source developers, hackers, experts, vendors, and users of all levels
  • Join in fun evening events, parties, and receptions where you will meet and network with like-minded people

Join the world's open source pioneers, builders, and innovators July 16-20 in Portland, Oregon for five intense days. Learn about open development, challenge your assumptions, and fire up your brain.


For information on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at the conference, contact Sharon Cordesse at (707) 827-7065 or scordesse@oreilly.com.

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