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Having risen to fame on Rails, Ruby embodies new ways of thinking and a programming counter-culture. We’ll focus on issues for mature Rails applications, and highlight innovative uses of Ruby’s power.

Location: D139/140
Gregg Pollack (Open SourceCraft), Eric Allam (Envy Labs), Tyler Hunt (Envy Labs), Carlos Souza (Code School), Jason VanLue (Envy Labs), Nick Walsh (Envy Labs)
Average rating: ****.
(4.56, 9 ratings)
This is an introductory course which teaches the basics of web application development using the Ruby language with the most recent release of the Ruby on Rails framework. If you've never tried Rails or you've only "played with it" at home, then this tutorial is for you. Read more.
Location: D139/140
Gregg Pollack (Open SourceCraft), Eric Allam (Envy Labs), Carlos Souza (Code School), Tyler Hunt (Envy Labs), Jason VanLue (Envy Labs), Nick Walsh (Envy Labs)
Average rating: ****.
(4.14, 7 ratings)
As the Rails community has matured several conventions have emerged, in the form of best practices. In this 5 part lab, we will walk through the most common of these practices and get some hands on experience refactoring Rails. Read more.
Location: D135
Darian Shimy (Attensity)
Average rating: ***..
(3.50, 2 ratings)
Hot Potato is an open source real-time processing framework written in Ruby. Originally designed to process the Twitter firehose at 3,000+ tweets per second, it has been extended to support any type of streaming data as input or output to the framework. Read more.
Location: D135
Kate Matsudaira (SEOmoz)
Average rating: ***..
(3.43, 7 ratings)
Ruby on Rails is a great framework for quickly building applications, but what happens when you are wildly successful and need to scale WAY up? This talk is a case study in the evolution of our Rails application from a monolithic "does everything" systems running on a hosted server to a service-oriented system running in the cloud. Read more.
Location: D135
Clinton N. Dreisbach (Relevance, Inc.)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 1 rating)
Smart developers have been using Ruby on Rails to build web applications for over 5 years. Cutting-edge projects have aged into legacy apps. Rails 3 and Ruby 1.9 offer new features that are guaranteed to take the squeak out of that old wheel and grease the tracks of new development. We're going to walk through upgrading real projects and work together to solve issues the audience has found. Read more.
Location: D135
Tags: ruby, unix, cli
David Copeland (Stitch Fix)
Average rating: ****.
(4.57, 7 ratings)
From a quick automation script to a more involved command-line based system, it's hard to make a polished and maintainable command line application. With Ruby, and a handful of open-source libraries, it's actually pretty easy. Read more.
Location: D135
Brian Moore (Rhomobile)
Average rating: ***..
(3.00, 3 ratings)
We will demonstrate writing a native Android app with the open source framework Rhodes, which includes the first Android Ruby implementation, written in the NDK to bypass Java entirely. We also show writing an app with Ruboto, which runs on the Android Java stack. We will also discuss how the Embedded Ruby project may affect future Android Ruby development with both of these options. Read more.
Location: D135
Chris Helm (GeoIQ)
Average rating: ***..
(3.80, 5 ratings)
Both location based technology and Ruby have become extremely popular in recent years. There are many libraries and tools that are available for Rubyists to geospatially enable their applications. In this workshop you will learn both what these tools are and how to use them. Read more.