Ruby on rails conference sessions

3:30pm–4:10pm Tuesday, 07/26/2011
Twitter is the largest Ruby on Rails installation on the web right now -- however, we have been moving from solely hosting Rails applications to a mixed Rails and JVM deployment. This migration has been ongoing for a few years at Twitter and we now run several back-end, high-throughput, and critical components on the JVM.
9:00am–12:30pm Monday, 07/25/2011
This is an introductory course which teaches the basics of web application development using the Ruby language with the most recent release of the Ruby on Rails framework. If you've never tried Rails or you've only "played with it" at home, then this tutorial is for you.
3:30pm–4:10pm Monday, 07/25/2011
The power of enterprise Java is now available through the expressiveness of Ruby. More and more projects are suited to new technologies and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. Using TorqueBox, a team's members can leverage their knowledge, investments, skills, and trust in Java while exploring the cutting edge of new development models.
9:30am–9:45am Monday, 07/25/2011
Keynote by Raffi Krikorian, developer, Twitter.