Vickie Hoffman
CEO & Co-founder, Roberts-Hoffman Software

Vickie Hoffman is CEO and a co-founder of Roberts-Hoffman Software, Inc. She has over 20 years experience in developing and implementing healthcare solutions for providers and hospitals. Vickie has managed implementation projects from front office registration/admissions to electronic medical record. She has a degree in business administration.


Location: F151
Vickie Hoffman (Roberts-Hoffman Software), Thomas Jones (Tolven), Brady Mathis (Roberts-Hoffman Software, Inc.)
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At the 2010 OSCON, Roberts-Hoffman Software, Inc.(RHS) selected Tolven's open source framework to develop a hospital electronic health record plug-in. RHS will focus on the emerging trend for vendors to collaborate in an open source model to address the many challenges of healthcare. RHS will share collaborating with Tolven and Lexicomp to meet governmental healthare regulations. Read more.