Gleicon Moraes

Gleicon Moraes
Director of Data Engineering,

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Gleicon Moraes is director of data engineering at Gleicon loves infrastructure for data, moving large volumes through distributed messaging systems, and databases. He uses Python, Go, and Erlang and focuses on distributed systems, nonrelational databases, and OSS.


Data: Roulette
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Ever had to dig into a system that misused the most basic features of a RDBMS ? Better yet - after the whole NoSQL storm had you wondered why it didn't shown before when you had to twist your schema to fit into something it was not designed for ? Check on this anti-patterns collection and feel better that you are not alone - and how you can benefit from it even not having big data around. Read more.
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Sometimes there is a mix between performance and scalability, but they are different dimensions. Changing your code from blocking to non-blocking yields scalability at the cost of a complexity. In this talk I show how Python, Ruby and JS do that, the differences between their async toolkits and some basic building blocks for web and high load applications. Read more.