Ethan Phelps-Goodman

Ethan Phelps-Goodman
Sr. Software Developer, Sunlight Foundation


Ethan Phelps-Goodman is a Sr. Software Developer at the Sunlight Foundation, where he leads the Data Commons project. His work focuses on combining various sources of data—campaign finance, lobbying, earmarks, voting records, contracts, etc.—into a comprehensive tool for investigating money and influence in politics.


Location: F150
Ethan Phelps-Goodman (Sunlight Foundation)
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The Sunlight Foundation and its partner organizations make a variety of data on the influence of money in politics and the operation of government easily available to application developers. This talk will give a broad overview of the data sets and APIs available and the applications that have been built with them, including stand alone sites, browser extensions and mobile apps. Read more.