David Uhlman
chairman, clearhealth inc.


David Uhlman is CEO of ClearHealth Inc. and a has been longstanding contributor and entrepreneur in open source technology for 15 years including contributions to Linux, CentOS, Java, Wordpress, . He is a frequent speaker and contributor including previous talks at OSCON, SCALE, and others. He is co-author of the upcoming Oreilly book “Getting to Meaningful Use and Beyond”.

ClearHealth Inc is the company associated with the ClearHealth open source project, a practice management and electronic medical record system derived from VA VistA started in 2003 which now has over 4 million patients in more than 1,000 installations including notable large scale systems like Tarrant County TX, The Primary Care Coalition, The University of Texas Medical Branch and numerous Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) nationwide.


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David Uhlman (clearhealth inc.)
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The federal government created Meaningful Use certification to help promote the widespread adoption of Electronic Health Records. The first and only open source system to receive the certification is ClearHealth under the GPL. We'll take a crash course in Meaningful Use and what it takes to get compliant using open source systems. Read more.