Becky Gibson

Becky Gibson
Sr. Technical Staff Member, IBM


Becky Gibson is a Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM’s Emerging Internet Technologies Group. Her current focus is contributing to the open source PhoneGap project to enable building compelling mobile applications using Web technologies. Becky works on the iOS side of things and has enjoyed dusting off her C/C++ skills to learn Objective C! While busy with PhoneGap she hasn’t forgotten her roots in Web Accessibility and making the Web usable for all. Her goal is an inclusive mobile world with applications usable by all in any environment. She was the Accessibility Lead for the Dojo Open Source toolkit and contributed to making it the first truly accessible JavaScript toolkit. Becky has over twenty years of development experience and has worked on various IBM projects including 1-2-3 and Lotus Notes.


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Becky Gibson (IBM), Simon MacDonald (Adobe)
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PhoneGap is an open source Mobile framework for developing native applications for multiple devices. The developer programs using standard, well known Web technologies but gets access to device features using JavaScript apis. Build the app with web technologies, wrap it in the PhoneGap framework for device access, deploy on iOS, Android, Blackberry and more! One application, many platforms! Read more.