Dawn Foster

Dawn Foster
Open Source Software Strategy Lead, Pivotal

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Dawn is an Open Source Strategy Lead at Pivotal. She spent more than 20 years working in open source communities at companies like The Scale Factory, Puppet, Intel, and Jive Software. She has expertise in community building, open source software, metrics, and more. She is passionate about bringing people together in online communities along with analyzing the data associated with participation. Dawn has a PhD, an MBA and a BS in CS. She has spoken at dozens of industry events, including many Linux Foundation events, OSCON, SXSW, FOSDEM and more.


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Dave Neary (Red Hat), Dawn Foster (Pivotal)
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Every community manager knows that community metrics are important. But they all have their own set of hacky scripts for extracting data from various tools. Building on the work of Pentaho, Talend, MLStats, gitdm and a host of others, we built a generic community dashboard for the MeeGo project. This presentation will cover the data we extracted, how we did it, and how you can do it too. Read more.