Steven Ellis

Steven Ellis
Seniot Solution Architect, Red Hat New Zealand

Website | @StevensHat

Steve’s day job with Red Hat is to persuade organisations to spend their IT budgets on Open Source rather than traditional proprietary technologies. With over 20 years experience of Open Source from development to enterprise architecture his passion for Open Source helped bring to Auckland NZ back in 2015.

In his spare time he still hacks on MythTV, and debugging random new bits of hardware that really should know better.

Steven gives regular talks on FOSS as part of his day job at Red Hat, including technology briefings and community meetups. In addition he’s presented at 2008, OSDC 2008 / 2009 / 2013, Linux World 2008, OSCON 2008 / 2011, OpenStack Summit Austin 2016, and a regular presenter at the Sys Admin miniconf.


Steven Ellis (Red Hat New Zealand)
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