Gopal Vijayaraghavan

Gopal Vijayaraghavan
Principal Engineer, Zynga Game Network, India


Gopal Vijayaraghavan is a principal engineer at Zynga and works out of their Bangalore office. He is part of the Systems Engineer Group, working towards improving PHP’s performance profile for Zynga games hosted on EC2. He is a lead developer of the open source PHP APC (alternative php cache). He hacks on PHP/APC as part of his work and otherwise. He is an avid photographer, biker and traveler, his photos can be found on flickr: and his ramblings at his blog:


Location: D137
Gopal Vijayaraghavan (Zynga Game Network, India)
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With the prevalence of multi-core systems and virtualization, several assumptions made during the design & optimization of PHP & APC are no longer valid. This talk covers the basic under-the-hood changes that have gone into making PHP perform better on multiple cores & virtualized environments. Read more.