Gareth Greenaway

Gareth Greenaway
Chief Agitator, SCALE


Founding member of the Southern California Linux Expo, current Community Relations & Conference Operations chair, active member of the Free & Open Source Community. A system administrator from Thousand Oaks, CA. Live with my wife, two cats & one guinea pig.

In the absence of an official conference code of conduct, I’d like to state, that as a speaker at OSCON I believe we should all strive to create a fun, educational, enjoyable and harassment-free conference experience for everyone.

If you are being harassed, or witness harassment please report it to venue security, the police, the conference organisers or a trusted friend. You do not have to put up with it.

For more detail on what an anti-harassment policy should contain, please review the geekfeminism wiki conference anti-harassment policy template


Location: E145
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This talk explores the similarities and differences between Volunteers and Contributors and the various ways to keep "motivational paychecks" from bouncing. Developers can always point to their code as "proof" of contribution, but what can we give our non-developer volunteers as their "proof" of contribution. Read more.