Jeremy Pennycook

Jeremy Pennycook
Mobile Operations Manager, NPR

Website | @tehpennycook

Jeremy Pennycook is a recent addition to NPR’s digital team. With a focus on the intersection of technology and journalism, he manages various mobile products for NPR. Jeremy holds a master’s degree in mass communication from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. He has participated in the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Gannett’s New Media Innovation Lab, the Carnegie-Knight News 21 Initiative, and the Knight News Challenge.


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Media organizations are using open source to stretch their budgets further. And as more content platforms continue to emerge, open source projects provide alternative modes of development. But what does this paradigm look like on the ground? The returns can be huge. But not everything is rose-colored. Through NPR's experiences with Android, Chrome, and more, we can chart some of these waters. Read more.