Chris Prather
Software Developer, Tamarou LLC

Website | @perigrin

Chris has been a Senior Developer and Software Engineer for the past seven years. He currently lives in Florida.

Working for a six man company in Scotland, a world leader in Fixed Income financial data, and several Fortune 500 companies, Chris gained a lot of experience in how software businesses around the world are run. Training as a Technical Writer he believes that software should be designed to focus on the audience, not the other way around.

He currently consults on technology for several entrepreneurs, is an active member of Moose developer team, and heads up the Extended Core Working Group for the Enlightened Perl Organisation.


Location: Portland 256
Chris Prather (Tamarou LLC)
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Perl's Post Modern Object System, Moose, provides an excellent way to simplify Object Oriented Design. Learn, or re-learn, the basics of Object Oriented Programming's design principles in this talk that focuses on the four fundamentals of a good object system: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Introspection. Read more.
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Location: Portland 255
Chris Prather (Tamarou LLC)
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The move to pervasive computing is increasing the speed of production and lowering the bars to entry. The Arts & Crafts movement of was a reaction to the commoditization and division of labour. Perhaps it is time to look again at the idea that craftsmen should take pleasure in their work produce things which please their customers. Read more.