Lars Thalmann

Lars Thalmann
Development Director, MySQL Replication, Backup & Connectors, Oracle


Dr. Lars Thalmann is the development manager for MySQL replication, backup, and connectors. He is responsible for the strategy and development of these features and leads the corresponding engineering teams. Thalmann has worked with MySQL development since 2001, when he started as a MySQL Cluster developer. More recently, he has driven the creation and development of the MySQL backup feature, has guided the evolution of MySQL replication since 2004, and has been a key player in the development of MySQL Cluster replication. Thalmann holds a doctorate in Computer Science from Uppsala University, Sweden. He is one of the authors of the “MySQL High Availability” book.


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Lars Thalmann (Oracle)
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We describe the new replication features in MySQL 5.5 (GA) and MySQL 5.6 (Development release). Read more.
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Lars Thalmann (Oracle), Johannes Schlüter (ORACLE)
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Under Oracle's stewardship, MySQL continues to innovate and thrive. Join Oracle's MySQL experts and learn the latest MySQL developments, including product releases, integrations and the roadmap. You'll hear directly from key development engineers in the MySQL replication and connectors team, so don't miss this opportunity! Read more.
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The ability to replicate from one MySQL server to another is a well established and proven technology. Until recently, replication from a MySQL server to an external application was not supported. This technology would not only enable a universe of applications, it would also permit developers to integrate near real time data changes from MySQL quickly and reliably into their own solutions. Read more.