Rein Henrichs
software developer, PHPFog

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Rein fell in love with Ruby at first sight, captivated by the beauty and elegance of the language, the simplicity of its design, and the communicativeness of its syntax. He currently works at Hashrocket, sharing his love of Ruby and crafting amazing websites with awesome teammates for a bunch of wonderful clients. He also loves guitar, piano and kittens.


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Lucas Carlson (PHPFog), Rein Henrichs (PHPFog)
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No matter which way you look at it PHP is still the most predominant language in use for the web. In the process of creating a scalable platform for PHP, Lucas Carlson came across many issues and discoveries. OReilly author Lucas Carlson takes you through the key issues you need to keep in mind before you write or port PHP code to a public cloud platform. Learn from his findings! Read more.