Greg Biggers

Greg Biggers
Chief Instigator & CEO, Genomera

Website | @bigs

Greg Biggers is a prophetic voice in a medical and health wilderness.

As Chief Instigator and CEO at Genomera, he is catalyzing consumer health collaboration— where patients (Genomera just calls them people) drive the research agenda, and engage with one another to solve problems faster and more efficiently than the traditional bottlenecks allow.

He can often be found sailing a Santana 22 on San Francisco Bay.


Citizen Science
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Greg Biggers (Genomera), Raymond McCauley (Genomera)
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How one person’s desire to know if his vitamins really worked became a set of tools for doing open, crowd-sourced health experiments. By combining data and analysis from engaged individuals, we can answer big questions traditionally asked exclusively by pharma companies and research institutions. And for less than 1/1000 of the cost. Read more.