Chrissie Brodigan
Engagement Lead, Creative Team, Mozilla/Firefox

Website | @tenaciouscb

Working w/people more awesome than me @ Mozilla as @firefox engagement lead on the creative team, lover of open source & purveyor of hugs, big ideas, (im)famous fails & bold moves. You might also know me as the person who made off with Twitter’s 10×10 Chirp sign from their original developer conference.


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Location: Portland Ballroom
Chrissie Brodigan (Mozilla/Firefox)
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Open source projects have long skimped on presentation & packaging (basically, they are the equivalent of "she has a great personality!"). Let's change that. Open source can be the hot girl too. Learn how developers can create opportunities for designers to contribute to projects. Great design is the best way to draw an audience to your project & build contributor confidence. Read more.