Aurelian Dumitru
Dell | Hadoop Chief Architect, Dell, Inc


Aurelian “A.D.” Dumitru is the Dell | Hadoop chief architect. In that role he is responsible for all architecture decisions and long-term strategy for Hadoop. A.D. has over 20 years of experience. He has been with Dell for more than 11 years in various engineering, architecture, and management positions. His background is in hyperscale massively parallel compute systems. His interests are in automated process control, intelligent processes, and machine learning. Over the years he has authored or made significant contributions to more than 20 patent applications, from RFID and automated process controls to software security and mathematical algorithms.


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Location: C125/126
Aurelian Dumitru (Dell, Inc)
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In this session Dell will discuss the analysis of the data types suitable for transfer between Hadoop and EDW, EDW/Hadoop data lifecycle, Data governance between Hadoop and DBMS, and ETL performance tuning and best practices (i.e. Hadoop/DBMS connector, node and network designs, etc.) Read more.