Ben Cherian

Ben Cherian is the General Manager of Emerging Techonologies at DreamHost. Prior to joining the DreamHost Team, Ben was the managing partner of ServiceCloud—a cloud-focused managed services provider. He also ran a consulting company called Kinetic Path, which provided companies with on-demand part-time executive IT management, project management, managed services, virtualization consulting, SAN consulting, and help desk consulting. Ben is an eternal entrepreneur that enjoys building businesses, and with 20 years of professional experience and several successful business launches under his belt he’s pretty good at what he does. Ben enjoys working at DreamHost because he’s got a terrible diet and DreamHost gives him great medical coverage. Ben holds a degree in Computer Science from Georgia State University. He currently resides in the Los Angeles area and spends his free time scouring the town for the “best” burger, pizza, and hot dog.


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Learn how Dreamhost, creators of the open source Ceph storage system, added support for Ceph to OpenStack Compute (Nova), including more detail around the community process, capabilities of the Ceph integration and a deeper dive into the OpenStack architecture. Read more.