Esen Sagynov

Esen Sagynov
CUBRID Project Manager, NHN Business Platform

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Esen Sagynov is a CUBRID open source RDBMS Project Manager at NHN, Korea’s #1 IT services provider. Interested in open source sofware, database and Web optimizations, Esen is the only one you need to talk to if you have questions regarding CUBRID or databases in general. But be warned, talking to Esen may easily turn you into a CUBRID fan like his own self.

For more info view his LinkedIn or talk to him directly @CUBRID.


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Location: E142
Esen Sagynov (NHN Business Platform)
The session will be primarily about CUBRID's enterpise-ready High-Availability feature. Who should come? If you run a service which makes money, you should come and listen. Because you care about 100% up-time and distributed load balancing, and you want all these to be easy to configure, maintain, and at no cost. You will learn why and how CUBRID HA guarantees your web service will never die. Read more.