Patrick Guiran

Patrick Guiran
Support Manager, Linagora


Patrick Guiran has graduated from the French computer Science school of Engineering EPITA in 2006, with a major in Real-Time software programming. After working for Tele2 ISP, and on eCOS/ARM for the world wireless leader Parrot, he has joined Linagora to contribute to a high-volume low-latency electronic payment system for the leading router of interbanking authorizations SER2S. In 2009, he joins the Linagora Run Services business unit as the Open Source expert. He is now the manager of the Open Source Software support team.


Patrick Guiran (Linagora)
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This talk focuses on building an SSH proxy which shields the remote targets from the users by hidding their specific credentials. Using an unpatched openssh on any UNIX flavor, sshGate provides an administration CLI, ACLs, groups, and logs users' sessions, which can be replayed anytime later. Users can use any standard ssh clients, and no installation is required on the managed targets. Read more.