Matt Blair

Matt Blair
Designer and Developer, Elsewise LLC

Website | @ewstrategic

Matt Blair has been a freelance programmer and consultant for fourteen
years, with an increasing emphasis on Open Source Software over the
last ten years. He has recommended and implemented systems using
Firebird, PostGreSQL, Plone, Drupal, Wordpress, Django and CouchDB.

As technology director of HumaniNet, a non-profit that assists
disaster relief and economic development projects all over the world,
Matt analyzed and adapted technology for low- and no-bandwidth
environments, and designed and managed distributed mapping processes
during several disaster response exercises.

In 2010, Matt’s “PDX Trees” iOS app, based on Heritage Tree data
released by the City of Portland, won the “Most Appealing App Award”
in Portland’s Civic Apps challenge.

His new Public Art PDX app, built in collaboration with the Office of
Mayor Sam Adams and the Regional Arts & Culture Council, features over
400 works of public art throughout the Portland metro area.


Open Data
Location: F150
Matt Blair (Elsewise LLC)
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A review of three open data projects, from a developer's perspective: assembling a map of poetry posts, crowd-sourcing photos of Heritage Trees, and showcasing Portland's extensive collection of Public Art. Includes practical tips, such as using CouchDB to manage datastores that continue to evolve based on citizen input. Ideal for anyone hoping to get their community engaged in open data projects. Read more.