Corey Shields
Manager, Mozilla Corporation

Website | @cshields

Corey is a manager for Mozilla’s IT Systems team. He has long been an open source advocate, since first being introduced to Slackware on an Infomagick CD in the mid 90’s.

Previous to Mozilla, Corey has worked as a Unix supercomputing administrator for Indiana University and as a systems manager for the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University.


Data: Scaling
Location: C121/122
Laura Thomson (Mozilla Corporation), Josh Berkus (PostgreSQL Experts), Corey Shields (Mozilla Corporation), Justin Dow (Mozilla Corporation)
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If you've ever had to move from data center to data center or to the cloud, or from old hardware to new hardware, you know that it's even more painful than moving house. In this presentation, survivors will tell you how to stay sane (and how to get it right) with a case study from Mozilla: moving 30TB of crash reports with no downtime in data collection. Read more.