Benjamin Schooley, MBA, Ph.D.

Benjamin Schooley, MBA, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor, Claremont Graduate University


Dr. Schooley is a Research Fellow and Faculty member at the Kay Center for eHealth Research, School of Information Systems and Technology, Claremont Graduate University. His experience spans both academia and industry and has focused on designing and evaluating software systems for use in multi-organizational public-private e-government environments. His recent innovations for multi-agency emergency medical response and his work with the U.S. Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work program has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Department of Transportation, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, private foundations, and industry partners. Leveraging open source has been a key focal point in each of these endeavors. He has presented and published over 50 technical reports, white papers, and research articles on these topics.


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Benjamin Schooley, MBA, Ph.D. (Claremont Graduate University), Sue Feldman, RN, MEd, PhD (The Kay Center for E Health, Claremont Graduate University), Vineet Agrawal (OSSCube)
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This section will focus on a case study where SugarCRM is used as platform to build a large scale Federal level application that will be implemented in all states to manage potentially 10 million beneficiaries. We will be covering how SugarCRM and best of breed open source solutions like BIRT, security solutions, workflow solutions come together to build a very complex workflow application. Read more.