Lasse Andresen
CEO, ForgeRock

Website | @forgerock1

A powerhouse of tireless can-do enthusiasm, Lasse brings a unique blend of business, technical and people skills to leading Forgerock. His twenty-plus years of experience in the software industry include leadership roles at both Sun Microsystems and Texas Instruments, most recently as CTO for Sun Central and Northern Europe. His passion and vision combine to ensure ForgeRock is always ready to execute and deliver. 2000-2003 Co-Founder and CTO of
Lasse has also played keyboards in several bands.
His special skills spans being an entrepreneur, the network is the computer (cloud computing), identity and access management, web 2.0, infrastructure software, open source, distributed organizations, and leadership.


Location: E146
Simon Phipps (Public Software CIC), Allan Foster (ForgeRock AS), Lasse Andresen (ForgeRock)
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Most open source start-ups have some sort of lock on the code - dual licensing, contributor agreements, "open core" add-ons and more. But is it possible to start a profitable company without any of those - with just skilled people delivering expert service and developing new code in the community? I don't just think it's possible - I'm doing it! Read more.