A.Sinan Unur

A.Sinan Unur
Programmer/Consultant, Unur

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Sinan Unur is an economist by training and currently works as an
independent programmer and consultant helping his clients make
sense of large and complicated data sets.

He earned his Ph.D. in Consumer Economics at Cornell University
where he worked as a Senior Lecturer until 2009, teaching
Economics and Statistics to graduate and undergraduate students.
Unur’s passion for Perl dates back about ten years to when he
decided to switch from Java to Perl as his tool of choice for
writing Economics experiments. He is an active contributor to
the Perl tag on
maintains Perl’s Crypt::SSLeay and Net::Sharktools modules on


Location: Portland 256
A.Sinan Unur (Unur)
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HTML5's canvas element allows graphics generation to be offloaded to the client's web browser. Various Perl modules make it easy to take data in various "spreadsheet" formats and turn them into easily chartable data. This presentation will demonstrate a simple web application built using Perl's Dancer to tie these elements together. Read more.