Colin Miller
Prodcut Unit Manger, Microsoft


Colin Miller is the Product Unit Manager for the .NET Micro Framework. This is an Open Source version of .NET for very small devices. In 35 years in the inudstry, Colin has worked in almost every facet of computing from embeddedd to database to WEB services to developer tools and more. He has run the .NET Micro Framework project as an Open Source Collaboration since 2009.


Open Hardware
Location: D139/140
Colin Miller (Microsoft), Chris Walker (Secret Labs, LLC)
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The makers of two collaborating Open Source projects--the .NET Micro Framework and the Netduino electronics platform--talk about how you can easily create connected devices using a RESTful interface and standard Web technologies. Come see how you can try out your own connected device solutions for under a hundred dollars using the same tools and skills that are used on the desktop. Read more.