Arthur Richards

Arthur Richards
Software Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

I am a software engineer for the Wikimedia Foundation. I work on fundraising, mobile/offline and features development for the foundation. In 2010, I focussed on the back-end infrastructure for the Foundation’s annual fundraiser, developing payment processing pipelines, fraud prevention solutions and integration with Drupal/CiviCRM. Prior to working for the Foundation, I was a contract software developer, using and evangelazing open source technologies. I love working with large sets of data, on operations-related stuff and integrating/extending open source tools.


Location: E145
Arthur Richards (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.)
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A reflection on how the Wikimedia Foundation raised $16 million using all open-source software for the annual fundraiser in 2010. Nearly all of the money raised came from small, online donations from users of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. This talk will explore the components of the system, development methodology, challenges faced and challenges we face for next year. Read more.