Tucker Taft

Tucker Taft
Chairman and CTO, SofCheck

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  • Chairman and Founder of SofCheck, Inc (2002-present).
  • Designer of ParaSail programming language (2010-present).
  • Lead designer of Ada 95 programming language (1990-1995).
  • Designer and implementor of optimizing compilers(1980-present).
  • Chief Scientist and then CTO at Intermetrics/Averstar/Avercom (1980-2002).
  • System Programmer for first Unix system outside of Bell Labs (Harvard-Radcliffe Student Timesharing System, 1975-1979).
  • Harvard College, Summa Cum Laude (1971-1975).


Emerging Languages
Location: E144
Tucker Taft (SofCheck)
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This talk will introduce the new programming language ParaSail which is focused on two themes: programming should be by default parallel, with programmers working harder to make things sequential if necessary, and second, all checks should be performed at compile-time, including checks for race-conditions, uninitialized variables, out-of-bounds array indices, null pointers, numeric overflow, etc. Read more.