Steve Mayzak
Senior Systems Engineer, SpringSource, a division of VMware

Website | @springsource

Steve Mayzak is part of the Cloud Applications Platform team at
VMware. As part of this team he is focused on mapping our solutions to
customers needs and ensuring that what we offer fits their requirements.
He is constantly in the field working with customers on their Enterprise Java and Cloud initiatives.


Java: Client
Location: B110-111
Steve Mayzak (SpringSource, a division of VMware), Josh Long (Pivotal)
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The Spring framework is the most ubiquitous Java framework today and the easiest way to solve many problems. At some point, however, developers start to feel Java applications just can't be any simpler because Java itself is not very simple. It is at this juncture that most people look for alternatives. For those, there is Spring Roo, the highly productive development framework for Spring users. Read more.