Ryo Chijiiwa

Ryo Chijiiwa
Professional Mountain Man, Laptop and a Rifle.com

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Since last speaking at OSCON in 2004, Ryo Chijiiwa received a piece of paper from the University of Chicago, declaring him a reasonably competent Computer Scientist. In 2005, he turned down a job offer from Mark Zuckerberg, joining Yahoo! instead, where he lasted a little over 3 years before jumping ship to Google. In 2009, he left Google too, as their free gourmet food lost sway over his wild spirit. Later that year, he bought 60 acres of vacant undeveloped land in the woods of Northern California, which he has been wrestling into habitability since, and on which he has so far built two huts, named in true geek-fashion, Hut 1.0 and Hut 2.0 respectively.


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Ryo Chijiiwa (Laptop and a Rifle.com)
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Ever wish you could live in a cabin in the woods? Geeks, with their high income, superior problem solving skills, and ability to work remotely, are often in a better position to realize such Thoreauvian dreams. Based on my own experiences of going from the cubicles of Silicon Valley to the backwoods of Northern California, the talk will cover the ins, outs, hows and whys of life in the woods. Read more.