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Benoit Sigoure

Benoit Sigoure
Site Reliability Engineer, StumbleUpon, Inc.


Benoit is a software engineer with a strong UNIXy/Linux background. He specializes in designing, writing & running large-scale distributed serving systems that serve millions of users. He has a deep understanding of the entire technology stack (including Google’s), from on-wire protocols and low-level implementation details all the way up to high-level designs used in high-availability distributed systems (both in software and in the datacenter).

Benoit designed and implemented OpenTSDB, the open-source, highly scalable, distributed, monitoring system.


Benoit Sigoure (StumbleUpon, Inc.)
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(4.30, 10 ratings)
OpenTSDB is an open-source, distributed time series database designed to monitor large clusters of commodity machines at an unprecedented level of granularity. OpenTSDB enables operations teams to keep track in real-time of all the metrics exposed by operating systems, applications and network equipment, and makes the data easily accessible. Read more.